Let me start off by saying I’m completely addicted to WordPress! Why?…#1 Quality Web Designers (Top of my List = @Webtreatsetc – @Kriesi – @elegantthemes – @ormanclark – @makedesign),#2 Customer Support for Themes (Be careful here…some are better than others),

#3 Plugins – There are thousands and thousands of plugins available #4 Open Source – Which means better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor lock-in. #5 Amazing Premium Themes (Check out @elegantthemes and @envatowebdesign). With this in mind have you noticed Tumblr Like WordPress Themes popping up everywhere.

The 5 Best Tumblr Like WordPress Themes in 2010

Shelf by Jon Hicks


A tumblelog style theme handcrafted by Jon Hicks…Features a fluid + responsive design and built in support for mobile devices.(Taken from the Theme Foundry). You can purchase the WordPress or Tumblr file…Purchase at the Theme Foundry.

CoPilot by Threat

CoPilot is a WordPress theme which takes advantage of the WooThemes Tumblog plugin (Express App). Publish quick posts from WordPress’s dashboard or your iPhone using the Express App…You can also just use the theme as a regular WordPress theme! (Taken From Themeforest by Mike McAlister). Purchase at ThemeForest.

Notes Of Life by Elegant Themes

Notes Of Life
My goal with DailyNotes was to make the simplest and most elegant medium possible through which you could share your daily life. The theme is very minimal in its design, and has been trimmed down to the bare essentials. For anyone looking to create a fun and inviting personal blog, I’m confident that DailyNotes will serve you well. (Taken From Elegant Themes by Nic Roach). Purchase at Elegant Themes.

My Journey by ThemeFuse

My Jouney
Not only is it perfect for a personal blog or portfolio, but you can even have fun on the run by posting videos, photos, links and more by using Express App, an iPhone app made by WooThemes that can be bought for $4.99 from the apple app store. (Taken From Themeforest by ThemeFuse). Purchase at ThemeForest.

Notebook by Contempoinc

Tumblr-like functionality with the power of WordPress! WP Notebook acts like a conventional WordPress blog and a Tumblr-like website – all the while having the benefit of having complete ownership and control over your site content. (Taken from Themeforest by Chris Robinson). Purchase at ThemeForest.

Tell Me Your Thoughts

I believe we will start to see even more Tumblr Like WordPress Themes in the near future. What are your thoughts? Will this become a trend? Will Tumblr users start to migrate to WordPress? Do you use the above themes? Would you recommend any other Tumblr Like WordPress Themes?

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