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Thank you!

The Client Prep Sheet has been completed and submitted to Muntz Designs.

Thank you again for choosing Muntz Designs for your upcoming web design and development project. Take a few minutes to review and complete the following steps so the project stays on time.


Philadelphia Web Designer

Please take this opportunity to visit your new project board at Trello. Once you login to your account, please review and get started on the following cards:

  1. Project Credentials – To get started I will need access to some of these details. Top on the list are domain registrar and hosting account username/passwords.
  2. Copywriting/Images – I shared a google folder with you at the start of the project. Please upload all copy/content to the shared Google folder or inside of the Trello cards (You can upload files directly to the cards that discuss them).
  3. Inspiration Websites – If you already added some inspirational websites via the completed Client Prep Sheet, thank you. If not or you want to add additional website url’s, please do this inside your Trello board under “Inspirational Board”.
Always remember, I’m a quick email, call or text message away when you have any questions or concerns. Enjoy the rest of the day and let’s build a wonderful website!


Trello Get Started Video

Phone: 215.550.1282
Web: | 215.550.1282